Naya: Legend Of The Golden Dolphin (USA 2011-2015)


Jonathon Kay


Jonathon Kay, Linda Rogers



Jonathon Kay


Randy Edelman




Ellen Page


Gerard Butler


Megan Fox


James Franco


Whoopi Goldberg


Daryl Hannah


Julian Lennon


Diego Luna


Cheech Marin


Isabella Rossellini


Kate Winslet


Owen Wilson


Quvenzhané Wallis



(Complete Cast & Crew)

Naya: Legend Of The Golden Dolphin


Family / Action / Adventure


80 minutes





Filming dates:


Filming locations:

British Columbia Canada, South Africa, Mozambique, Australia, New Zealand, The Bahamas, Hawaii, Brazil



World premiere:

15th June 2011 (Maui Film Festival)

Company / Studio:

Magic Factory Productions Inc.

Official website:

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DVD premiere:




English Press Kit

(PDF Document, 268 KB)



Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins is an epic feature film documentary --- a fantastic story of their love, power, wisdom, and survival.

A film of universal importance, Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins takes us on an adventure through the oceans of Hawaii, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, The Bahamas, South Africa, Mozambique, and the fresh waters of the Amazon River of Northeastern Brazil.

The story is told by a wonderful cast including Kate Winslet, Ellen Page, Gerard Butler, Megan Fox, James Franco, Julian Lennon, Diego Luna, Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Isabella Rossellini And Daryl Hannah. Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins is an amazing, awe-inspiring, all-ages, true-life story touched with humor and alive with thrills. Breathtaking cinematography captures the incredible beauty and staggering you are there dramatic journey of the dolphins. The Legend begins more than 50 million years ago at the time of the Original Great Dolphin Tribe of thousands roaming the oceans of the Earth. They used to live as land dwellers but became enchanted by the oceans of the planet and adapted to live under the sea. Our underwater camera crew follows their fantastic lives in a larger than life astonishing underwater adventure never before captured on film. Predators hunt them, Pollution of their environment endangers them, but these wise beings continue to live effortlessly as the guardians of the sea. For the very first time in cinema, the dolphins of the planet unite to tell their story. After five years in the making, Director and Producer Jonathon Kay brings to the screen this delightful film about nature's most wonderful miracles.

Director’s Statement:

The dolphins initially lived on Earth more than fifty million years ago as air breathing land dwellers. They became enchanted by the oceans of the world, and eventually evolved to live under the sea. They are the most efficient swimmers in the world, swimming five times faster than the speediest human being. Their brains are larger than the human brain, with a capacity 40% greater, making them one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth. The dolphins have been part of our culture, embedded in the human psyche since the beginning of time. Ancient Greeks have depicted them on coins, saving children from drowning at sea. They are famous for helping fisherman in times of need, saving humans from attacks of the great white sharks, and celebrated in paintings, sculptures and various art forms across the planet.

But no one has ever talked to them and seen the world through the eyes of the dolphins... until now.

My goal is to pull from the sea a story that has never seen the light of day for want of a teller. My desire is to tell a real story evoking the legend of the dolphins and their message to humanity through an extraordinary cinematic journey through the oceans of eight corners of the world where the dolphins have evolved to live… from the mysterious pink dolphins of Brazil that came from the salty waters of the sea up the mouth of the Amazon River to become freshwater dolphins, to the Orcas of Canada, the largest and most powerful dolphins in the world, to the Common Dolphins of South Africa who thrive on giant shoals of sardines in a home shared with Great White and Copperhead Sharks, a home that is wild with danger and excitement. The dolphins and their destiny have always fascinated me. It is time for the legend of the dolphins to be told.

Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins tells a tale of legendary proportions, portraying the strange, spectacular destiny of these powerful and emotionally involving characters; a tale rich in beauty, courage, humor, mystery, and messages to humanity.


  • Best 2D to 3D Converted Feature Film or Documentary (3D Film Festival, 22nd September 2012)


  • The whole production, including research and development, took more than five years
  • It was filmed in eight different locations around the world
  • The actual shooting time within that period was two years, providing twenty-one hours of images
  • The recording with Ellen took place at Buzzy's Recording Studio in West Hollywood on November 7, 2009

Release Dates:



Festival / Event / Location / Comment



16th-18th May 2010

Festival de Cannes (test screening)


21st September 2012

3D Film Festival / 3D world premiere (test screening)


18th December 2015



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